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UpOnCall provides professional on-demand laundry delivery services in Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver and nearby areas.

Providing Same Day Laundry Delivery Service, UpOnDry is the most convenient laundry delivery service.

What is UpOnDry?

UpOnDry is an on-demand online laundry pickup & drop-off service that picks up your dirty laundry and delivers clean and fresh clothes the very SAME DAY!

We pick up and deliver according to your convenience, so you can choose when the clothes should be picked up and delivered on the tap of your finger.

Our services are tailored according to your needs and we have the best resources to accommodate your request. That's why we have 'UpOnDry Laundry Subscription Service' for a busy individual like you, which is precisely designed to remove your hindrance of scheduling or disturbing your busy schedule for a "time waste" job like laundry.

Whether you are a single individual, a couple, or a joint family, UpOnDry Subscription is your "lifesaver", It's easy to set up, all you have to do is call us at 1-888-876-6671 or schedule your pickup now, and we take care of everything, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe Now! and save yourself from laundry trouble :)

Schedule your same-day pickup according to your availability!

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We Pickup Your Laundry and Wash, Dry and Fold it to its perfect condition!

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We Deliver Your Clean and Fresh Laundry Same Day!

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UpOnDry Business Services

Whether you are a new restaurant owner and want to get your restaurant clothes cleaned all together once a week or a busy major hotel chain that needs laundry pickup every evening, 7 days a week, UpOnDry Business Services is your choice.

UpOnDry values every customer, that's why we tailor our services according to your needs. Now you can use the same best-in-class Express Laundry Delivery for any size of your business.

Why choose us: There are several reasons to use UpOnDry Business Services like; Exclusive Discounts | Custom Scheduling | Same-Day Delivery | Auto Scheduling of Pickups | and much more...

Our valuable clients: Restaurants, Medical Clinics, Dental Offices, Hotels, Facilities, Day Cares, Dress & Suits Rentals, Salons, Spas, Fitness Clubs, Schools, Senior Homes, Furnished Apartments, Offices, AirBNB, etc.

How to Apply: Submit the Business Services Quotation Form or Call us at 1-888-876-6671 or send us an email at to get a tailored quotation. We will precisely tailor the services according to your requirements and budget.

Learn more on how businesses can save thousands of dollars by using laundry delivery services like UpOnDry.

For custom orders, subscriptions, or any assistance, please call us!

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Don't just think of us as another delivery platform but "a true friend" who wants you to be successful and live a happy life. So what are you waiting for? Become our laundry partner now! or E-Mail us at or Call 1-888-876-6671 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

UpOnDry is a proud subdivision of UpOnCall Inc., which is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in North America and the major reason for our thriving growth is that we believe in "exceptional customer service" and "collective success". What this means is, we do not just focus on our company growth but rather focus on our partner's personal growth and customer success.

If you have a laundry business and have the same beliefs, we would love to welcome you to our family with open arms and assure you of huge success in your business. We have the potential and resources to take your local business to a next level. Increase your laundromat presence and income with UpOnDry. We bring you more customers and more customers means more money!

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